A Summer Tour Infographic

When you think of the greatest performers of all time, some names that probably come to mind are Madonna, Celine Dion, and The Rolling Stones. All of which are on our infographic listed as the top grossing tours of all-time! Earning from $389 to $558 million, these acts have all gained the rights to be named legends in the music industry. Check out some ticket vendors this summer to provide you with the equipment you need to experience the best shows this year!

While AC/DC and U2 have no immediate plans for concert performances in 2013, the infographic provided will help guide you to choose the best tour available for you. Each artist scheduled to hit the road this spring has the potential of joining the ranks of those in the top selling world tours of all-time. The only question you should be asking yourself after checking out this infographic is— which act will I be seeing?Summer Tour Infographic

The dating infographic was created by Nick B., an avid concert and theater goer to inform people about summer concerts.

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