Basic Truths About Acne

It’s not only skin health that suffers when an individual is experiencing acne. A study from 2011 suggests that this skin condition has negative effects on self-esteem and quality of life of teens. This is why people with zit problems are so anxious about it.
Out of frustration, people affected with acne would try to heal their skin problem by themselves. They would use different kinds of products promising an instant solution to acne. They would follow skin care advices that they hear and read everywhere. As a result, their skin condition gets worse rather than improve.
Their frustration is not to blame for the aggravation of acne brought by desperate measures–it’s totally reasonable to feel that way when suffering from this condition. The truth is: lack of knowledge and guide from skin experts is what hinders people from achieving the clear skin they’ve been wanting to have.
Having the basic knowledge about acne can save you from further skin trouble. SkinCell, the best derma clinic in Manila and Taguig, presents you an enlightening infographic on truths and myths about acne.Basic Truths about Acne

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