Everything you need to know about Credit Scores

Capital One has produced a useful guide to help people understand their credit score. This visual infographic provides tips and advice on credit scores while answering frequently asked questions on the topic.
Credit scores can have a big impact on people’s financial lives. A good credit score demonstrates you are responsible with your money and can help when applying for mortgages, phone contracts and car insurance.
Credit scores can also be confusing, so understanding how they’re calculated and the best ways to build a good credit score are vital. There are various ways to boost your credit score, so don’t panic if you have a low credit score.
There are many misconceptions surrounding credit scores, with this guide Capital One wants to get to the simple facts, so people have a better understanding of what builds their credit score and what doesn’t make any difference.
The following infographic outlines some simple ways for keeping your credit score in the best possible shape.
about Credit Scores
Infographic Source: https://www.capitalone.co.uk/blog/a-quick-guide-to-credit-scores.jsf

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