Everything You Have to Know About Health Maintenance Organization

Health is wealth, but ordinary Filipinos don’t have enough to invest in health insurances. Added to the lack of money are the stresses and other factors that keep them from having the time to invest resulting in a low number of Filipino workers being uninsured.
Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs enable employees to be insured for a much lower price since the employer subsidizes the services as part of the employees’ benefits. The plans provided by HMOs are usually comprehensive and customizable but are limited to a certain amount annually.
Because HMO services are subsidized, employees can save money in the long run.
The programs administered by HMOs include inpatient/outpatient services, surgeries, and other services such as laboratory tests and medication.
There are 16 different HMO providers to choose from, and there are various factors to consider when choosing one. This infographic gives more details on HMOs and how to pick one.
Infographic Source: https://ichoose.ph/blogs/everything-know-health-maintenance-organizations-infographic/

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