We often take showering for granted, but there’s been plenty of research to show showers can still surprise us every now and then. Do you know how often we shower? Do you know how much it costs us? Find this out, along with some other surprising shower facts in our infographic…
Showers Infographic
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  • Brits take an average of just four baths each year and 227 showers….
  • …that’s 111 days without washing or around one third of a year!
  • We take an average of 8 minutes in the shower which costs around 22p.
  • 29% of hotel guests surveyed admitted they sometimes shower with another person
  • … and 25% admit making love in the shower!
  • Amazingly, 1 in 29 French people shower only once a week!

Which countries shower the most per week?

  1. Brazil – 12
  2. Columbia – 9.5
  3. Australia/Middle East – 8
  4. Mexico – 7.9
  5. Indonesia – 7.5

World’s most expensive shower…£21,200.

What does it do?

  • Mixes perfume into air
  • Uses both water and mist to immerse user
  • Plays light show


  • Longest time spent in shower…341 hours by Kevin ‘Catfish’ McCarthy
  • Most people to shower at once……300 in Pattaya, Thailand 2014.
  • World’s biggest shower……was 40 feet tall x 40 feet wide and 64,000 cubic feet in space!
  • 4 out of 5 women freely admitted to not showering daily…
  •  …with one third going up to three days without cleaning their body!
  • Average amount of men who shower daily? 70%.


  • Throw your clothes into the corner.
  • Wander naked around the house trying to find a towel.
  • If you see your partner, waggle your parts at them and make animal noises.
  • Get in shower.
  • Have a long wee.
  • Is that…shampoo? Don’t know, don’t care. Use it to wash your hair.
  • Use bottle as microphone and croon.
  • Scrub the key areas.
  • Check yourself out in the mirror if facing the shower.
  • Get out of shower.
  • Wet everything as you get out.
  • Use same towel to dry your body and hair in 30 seconds flat.
  • Leave wet towel on bed.

… A Woman

  • Place clothes neatly in laundry basket.
  • Put on dressing gown.
  • If you see your partner, cover up any exposed areas immediately.
  • Avoid any mirrors.
  • Get in shower.
  • Use your arsenal of face scrub, body scrub, exfoliating cream, pumice stone, shower puff…
  • Wash hair with advanced shampoo containing plant extract from deepest regions of Amazon.
  • Shave unwanted excess hair off entire body.
  • Get out of shower.
  • Spray entire area with anti-mould cleaner.
  • Use separate, huge towels to dry hair and body.
  • Spend 40 minutes drying your hair and applying cream.


  • Does your stomach not think that ALL potato is mashed potato?
  • Is clapping not just hitting yourself because you like something?
  • To fall asleep, you have to pretend to fall asleep right?
  • When something is ‘on fire’, isn’t it technically correct that fire is ‘on something’?

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