5 Interesting Facts About Thermal Paper Roll

You may know that thermal papers are used as proofs of purchase, ATM receipts, and lottery tickets in supermarket, gas station, banks, etc. But what else do you know about thermal paper rolls? Do you know that:

  1. Thermal paper’s history has been around since 1960’s? that is even longer than your daddy.
  2. Thermal paper uses a coating chemical BPA that is harmful for humans.
  3. Thermal paper rolls come in a variety of sizes and types
  4. Thermal paper is very small business but with huge profit margin.

You can find below Infographic about five interesting tidbits you probably didn’t know about thermal paper.About Thermal Paper Roll
Infographic Source: http://www.pandapaperroll.com/5-interesting-facts-thermal-paper-roll-infographic/

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