What do you know about throwing up bile?

Puking after the hangover is not strange, but if you are totally sober and still vomit, especially throwing up bile, what happen to you? Is it a severe medical condition when you expel the food combining with green and yellow bile? Let’s have a look at this article and find out the causes as well as the solution for throwing up bile.

What are the causes of throwing up bile?

  1. Intestinal blockage:  A blockage in your intestine is dangerous if no immediate treatment is given. When your intestine is blocked, the food adventure is intercepted and reversed which means the food comes back to your stomach and causes puking due to the stomach’s overload. The intestinal blockage happens when there’s intestinal hernias, adhesion or twisting, inflammatory bowel diseases and cancerous tumors.
  2. Bile reflux: Bile reflux usually accompanies with acid reflux even though they are different diseases. The lower esophageal sphincter not working well combining with excessive bile fluid and acid stomach juice directly leads to throwing up bile. Gastric and gall bladder surgery complication, peptic ulcers are believed to be the causes of bile reflux. Throwing up bile with abdominal pain and heart burn all prove that you have bile reflux.
  3. Food poisoning: Actually, vomiting and nausea are common when you have food poisoning. But the puke with bile means that your stomach is empty and fulfilled with only stomach juice and bile now.
  4. Drug side effect: The stomach lining might get irritated because of aspirin or morphine consumption, especially when you take tablets when hungry. The stomach then has to excrete more juice and results in vomiting with gastric juice and bile. Alcohol user also has damaged stomach mucus. And it will be dangerous to get prolonging throwing up bile since it can lead to gastric hemorrhage, a very serious condition.
  5. Cyclic vomiting syndrome: Actually, it is not a common cause of throwing up bile. Vomiting cyclically with no listed reason in normal people is a symptom of cyclic vomiting syndrome. Call for help when you have chest pain without any impact, losing weight with no reason, difficulty breathing.

What should you do to stop throwing up bile? Seeing the doctor is the best advice for you. But if you don’t, check out this list and see whether you have followed these notice to control and prevent throwing up bile:

  • Smoking and drinking are restricted and even abandoned because both of them damage your digestive tract remarkably. Moreover, dehydration happens when you drink too much alcohol and smoke cigarettes, which leads to gastric irritation and excessive gastric juice.
  • A proper meal and water reduce an amount of acid excreted in the stomach. However, a lot of food can result in acid reflux as well as bile reflux. Providing your body with vitamins and minerals makes sure the water and electrolyte loss is compensated.
  • Overweight and obesity can cause throwing up bile because of the pressure on the stomach. So the advice for you is to lose weight properly.

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