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We live in the age of the internet.WIFI is the most useful tools for deploying internet in most works of our life. The more the country is developed, the more the use of WIFI in household works of their population. Accordingly, the top 10 WIFI countries on the basis of household connections are- South Korea, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Italy, USA, Spain, and Australia.
Banking, business, communication, sports, education even in amusement and social networking, WIFI plays a vital role. According to the Cisco Visual Networking index, public WIFI hotspot utilization is tremendously growing. Making a base point at 2010, as per graph, the growth of use is increasing and from 62.2 million in 2015 and it is expected to reach 432.5 million by 2020.
Some of the WIFI facts collected from ‘Cisco’ describes that by 2017, there will be more traffic of the internet as compared to prior internet years combined. Annual global IP traffic will reach 1.4 zettabytes. From the reports of ‘WIFI Alliance’, it is estimated that about 71% of all mobile connections flow over WIFI. Similarly, from reports of ‘Accenture’, it is known that 50% of the company is making a large purchase in-store if WIFI access is available.
Anyone within range with a wireless network interface controller can attempt to access a network and for this WIFI is more vulnerable to attack. Some of the easy ways to stay safe are-
While connecting to any Wifi network, one must confirm the exact network name.
Turn off sharing automatic WIFI connecting so as to protect your networks to be used by unwanted users. Try to use encrypted websites only. Ensure that your Windows Firewall is always turned on. Avoid online banking on public networks.
Infographic Source: https://bazaarreview.com/best-wireless-routers/

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