Active Ingredients of Marijuana and its properties

Active Ingredients of Marijuana are reported to be the best treatment for various ailments, like Cancer. These active ingredients or cannabinoids have many medicinal properties such as antiepileptic, sleep inducing, anti-inflammatory, anti spasmodic, pain relieving,etc.,
There are nearly 85 active ingredients in Marijuana, and very few are very popular due to their medicinal properties.
Out of these popular Cannabinoids, few are good, and while other are the best active ingredients, and this variation is due to their activity on the brain, Cannabinoids that are psychoactive, are will have temporary effects like memory impairment, paranoia, anxiety, while non-psychoactive cannabinoids are purely medicinal and are special products of interests to many scientists and doctors.
So, it is evident that Cannabis can not only take you high, but can also keep you healthy, with occasional consumption. For you to reap the health benefits from the Cannabis, it must make sure that your plants or seeds are free of chemicals. Even, if you are planning to have a farm, you need to make sure about the seeds being healthy and chemical-free.

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