What are the advantages of RevGlue Data Sets

Revglue collect data form all leading UK’s affiliate networks then clean and sort it and providing best data sets and plugins to build affiliate website in 15-20 minute with all UK stores. Apart from, also providing web design and development tools free for affiliates just like free wordpress plugins and templates. In this way, an affiliate can design their any affiliate website within 15-20 minute with all UK stores data.

Data can be downloaded in multiple formats and also can be fetched using our free wordpress plugin and template in order to setup affiliate websites I very low budget and without hiring development team.

Using our data sets affiliate can setup stores directory, coupons site, products feeds, broadband and TV deal site and other affiliate sites. Revglue is working at new tools as well to facilitate affiliates in better way.
Infographic Source: https://www.revglue.com/blog-detail/7-revglue-data-sets-explained

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