Alaska Wildlife and Where to Find It

The world is a fascinating place, and there is so much to find and explore. Travelling the world can open our eyes to sights we never knew existed or perhaps never thought that we would get to see ourselves. It’s a wonderful way to see the planet at its very best, allowing you to glimpse multiple parts of this wonderful world in which we live.
One of the finest locations travellers you can hope to visit is the great state of Alaska in the USA. Alaska is home to a true plethora of fascinating wildlife, with the state displaying a diverse range of animals and creatures that is a match for just about anywhere else on earth. From brown bears in the forests and bald eagles soaring high above the sky, to the majestic caribou roaming the mountain regions. It’s all here and getting to see Alaska’s natural beauty for yourself is an experience you’ll never forget.
No matter which corner of Alaska you look in you’ll find some majestic member of its wildlife, and some of the planets’ most impressive and iconic animals are here. Take the gray wolf for example, with a population of 6,000 – 7,000 there is approximately one wolf per 25 square miles in Alaska. Found in arctic areas, this stunning animal is known the world over and has become a recognisable face of Alaska wildlife. For more information about Alaska wildlife and where to find it, take a look at the below infographic filled with interesting facts and figures.
Alaska Wildlife and Where to Find It
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