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Football is a game of feelings and intelligence. Undoubtedly it is one of the most popular games for youngsters. Professionals, as well as collegiate footballs, enjoy the game and there are millions and billions of fans viewing the game worldwide. NFL and NCAA who continuously monitors on the overall activities in the game. Basically, they are different forms of football associations available all over the world. One can easily discover intense football action at William Hill and enjoy the game when it comes to betting in football.
Football game play
Football is a game that is played between two opposing teams. The game is played between 22 players with 11 players in each team. The aim of the game is to gain maximum goals by either of the teams. Leading goals team will be declared as a winner and the other team will be the loser. The game is very simple in which each and every player will participate by simply kicking the ball with their foot to reach the goal.
The common time duration is about 90 minutes that is divided into two half’s of 45 minutes each. Again there will be 15 minutes break time. A referee will be monitoring both the teams in the field.
The field
Football players are allowed to play on a synthetic field which is about 120 yards long and 53 ½ yards wide. There will be white line cross in the field which is placed with 10 yards distance each. Few smaller white marks for each and every 1-yard interval that will help the audience to observe the match more accurately. Goal lines marked with end zone 10 yards deep will be indicated. Either of the teams will have their own end zones separately. The end zone is a place in which any of the players can easily grab the ball from the other player in order to score points.
Scoring procedure
There is a score of six points given to the team who’s offensive team takes the ball to the end zone or grab the ball by breaking the rules. The touchdown score in which the team can win one or two bonus points. As a restart when the team kicks the ball through the goal then one point with will be added. Catch or run in the end zone will give two points. While in the end zone if the opponents cannot stop the players then they will be given three points as a field goal score. Additionally, there will be two points for the team when the other team’s ball is caught behind the goal line. For each and every goal the team will be awarded one point.
Rules of Playing Football
Rules are very much important while playing the football game. The game rules are officially known as laws of the game. Both teams must follow the rules while playing the game. The rules are as follows.

  •  The field of play
    The pitch is the rectangular field which is marked with touchlines, goal lines, and other partitions. It is very important that the player must play within the field that is two long sides along with two shorter sides. This field is divided into two half-lines.
  • The ball
    The shape of the football must be round with the circumference of 68-70 cm that is completely filled with air that is made of approved materials.
  • The number of players
    One important rule is that each team should have exactly 11 members including the goalkeeper.
  • The referees / officials
    In order to observe the laws of a game, they should be one referee and two assistant referees.
  • Time duration
    Overall match duration is 90 minutes with two sessions of 45 minutes along with 15 minutes break time. At any cost, the time of the game and interval will not be exceeded.
  • The starting and restart of play
    Once the toss is decided the winner can choose the game to start it. After each and every goal there is a goal kick in order to restart the game.
  • The players’ equipment
    The players must wear a t-shirt, socks, shorts, shin pads or shin guards and football boots. Additionally, the goalkeepers must wear gloves and jerseys.
    And are some other rules like penalties, method scoring more points and kicks that depend upon the players.

Football Penalties
Apart from rules and regulations, they are some football penalties that the players should be aware of. Most of the penalties will reflect in the loss or gain of the yardage which is completely dependent on whether the penalty is against the player or not.

  • False Start
    This is one of the penalty when the player tries to move just prior to the snap. A false start is a five-yard penalty.
  • Offside
    During the time of snap when the player is on the line then this penalty is applicable.
  • Holding
    Whenever any player without the ball holds another player then holding penalty will be terminated.
  • Pass interference
    In case if the other player contacts the pass receiver once the ball is in the air in order to avoid other player catching the ball.
  • Face mask
    This personality comes into the act when the players try to Grab another players face mask.
  • Roughing the player
    Once the ball has been screwed away then no player is allowed to run in order to protect them.

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