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You may have become aware of squirrels nesting in your attic and gone up to investigate only to find baby squirrels tucked away with no mother in sight. Even if you do not find baby squirrels but are sure that there is wildlife nesting in the attic, it is safer to always assume that the invader is a nursing mother.
A squirrel nest looks very similar to a birds nest and will most likely be made from leaves, insulation and cardboard. Keep in mind that newborn squirrels don’t make any noise while they’re sleeping and squirrels often stash their young ones near the eaves, in the eaves or inside walls and crawlspaces. Again, it is safest to assume that the squirrel in the attic is a nursing mother.
Do not disturb the nest and do not worry if the kittens are unattended, the mother will be back. The best thing you can do is to wait for the squirrels to grow up. The babies will be able to follow their mother outside to forage in about six weeks.
In case you cannot wait this long for the squirrels to leave on their own accord (preferably through a one-way door) hire a professional wildlife removal service to remove the nest and the babies.

Hire Wildlife Removal Service for Baby Squirrels in Attic

Attempting to handle the kittens yourself is highly discouraged for your own safety and that of the wildlife. A female squirrel can certainly get very aggressive if she finds you handling the babies. You may also crush or injure the delicate young-ones especially if they are still very young. Lastly, squirrel nests are a hotbed for diseases and pathogens including leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and tularemia.
A professional squirrel removal serviceman will know how to handle the animals safely and evict them permanently. The squirrel nest is considered toxic material which the experts know how to handle safely. Household bleach and over-the-counter disinfectants may not be enough to clean the area adequately especially if the animal urine and feces have soaked into the insulation.
About Squirrel Nest
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