Alloy Wheels Vs Steel Wheels – The Showdown

Whenever you go to buy wheels in Sydney or for that matter anywhere else, you will be presented with two options viz. alloy wheels and steel wheels. Both of these variants have their own pluses and minuses.
One gives you the good looks while other is known for its strength. It’s essentially Beauty versus the Beast situation.  Also there is a huge spectrum in the matters of money. Both are at the extreme ends of each other. So you may have to lighten your pocket for one of them.
Steel wheels are simple no-nonsense wheels. Alloy wheels can be customized as you wish and can be chromed even. Hence the name, chrome wheels. However, both alloy wheels and steel wheels have their own utilities and applications when it comes to vehicles. You might be tempted to buy either one and end up getting the wrong set against your actual needs.
With that in mind, this infographic gives you the low-down on alloy wheels and steel wheels so that the next time you are at the wheel shop, you don’t get confused and are aware exactly as to what you need and should choose.
Happy Driving Mates!
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