Amazing Amazon Stats 2019

In 1994, Jeff Bezos quit his job and founded Amazon. In 1995, the first product was ordered on Amazon, a book.
In the following 30 days, Amazon generated a weekly turnover of 20,000 dollars and sold books in all US states.
The company is now the world’s largest online marketplace for products. But Amazon doesn’t just offer products. The company also specializes in cloud computing and other online services. In total, Amazon employs 647,500 people.
These are all reasons why Amazon has become interesting for companies.
Because companies want to reach their products via the Amazon marketplace and thus reach a huge target group.
In India, 108,000 new Amazon merchants were added last year, offering their products on the online marketplace.
With the Fulfillment by Amazon program from Amazon, companies can have their products delivered directly to an Amazon department store. If a customer orders a product via Amazon, all logistical processes are outsourced from this point on.
The increasing number of Amazon retailers means that the competition on Amazon is getting bigger and bigger.
This info graphic shows all important facts and figures about Amazon.
Amazing Amazon Stats 2019
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