The 7 Most Amazing Wonders of the Philippines…plus more!

The Philippines is blessed with natural wonders that made the country a tourist destination. Whether you’re in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao, you’ll be treated to natural attractions that are at par with some of the world’s best and will surely leave you mesmerized. In fact, some of them have gained worldwide attention and have been nominated as among the natural wonders of the world.
If you are yet to see these attractions, your travel goals are not yet complete. Have you already set foot on the world-famous Batanes Rolling hills or experienced the mystery of the Hinatuan Enchanted river in Surigao? Palawan is also a precious gem as nature’s last frontier with several natural wonders scattered in the towns of this famous destination.
It’s not yet too late to complete your bucket list. Check out this infographic to see the most amazing natural wonders you can find in the Philippines.
7 Most Amazing Wonders of the Philippines
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