America’s Love of Baked Goods

A sweet tooth is an Achilles heel for many Americans, but luckily, bakery owners work tirelessly to satisfy our cravings for frosting, filling, and chocolate chips. This infographic dives into the numbers of the baking industry to show just how much Americans love these sweet treats. And yes, pie charts are included.
We’ve compiled facts that include the number of cakes, cookies, and pies eaten in 2016, as well as dollar amounts for how much money Americans spent on each type of baked good. This infographic also includes stats on the number of Google searches for “baked goods near me,” so you can find out where customers are searching for treats if you’re looking to start a bakery.
Finally, our baked goods infographic explores why customers are likely to purchase from a particular bakery. As it turns out, consumers are especially drawn to delicious aromas with locally sourced ingredients.
America's Love of Baked Goods
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