America’s Pizza Obsession: How We Prefer to Order and Consume Pizza

It’s no secret that Americans love pizza. Many of us count pizza among our favorite foods, and there’s a dedicated pizza shop in almost every town in the country. This infographic is dedicated to everyone’s favorite cheesy treat. We’ll detail exactly how much money Americans spend on pizza per year, and break it down even further by service type. You’ll learn that while carry-out is the most popular way to order pizza, we still spend billions on delivery, and even frozen pizza.
In case you’d consider relocating to feed your pizza obsession, you can find out which states have the most pizza shops per capita. We’ve also compared the favorite pizza styles of millennials and baby boomers who, in this case, have more in common that you’d think! And, while the future of the pizza industry is yet to be seen, we looked at the data to speculate on where pizza is headed in the coming years.
Americas Pizza Obsession
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