An Overview of the Fountain Pen

The Fountain Pen Infographic gives a general view of fountain pens. Have you ever wondered when the fountain pen was invented? Do you know what a nib is as well as the different kinds of nibs? What are some of the most common brands? These basic questions are all answered in one simple infographic about fountain pens.

Included in the fountain pen infographic by Pen Chalet is the anatomy of a fountain pen. See the basic parts that make up a fountain pen and what each are called. More specifically there is the detailed anatomy of the nib, the actual portion of the fountain pen that contacts the paper. Not all nibs are the same. Find out the different materials and common sizes.

If you were ever curious about fountain pens and when they were invented, how much they cost or the top brands this simple infographic helps break it all down in a clean visual guide.

Fountain Pen
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