Anabolic Steroids Abuse in High School and College Athletes

Anabolic steroids are synthetic variations of male sex hormones. It promotes male characteristics and especially muscles growth. Generally used for treating several medical conditions, these have got a bad rap over the years because of their widespread abuse, especially by professional athletes, sports persons, and bodybuilders. Even though illegal, these are commonly available and seen as a potential shortcut to success.
While they get an unfair advantage in various sports and activities due to these performance-boosting substances, Anabolic steroids can prove to be detrimental to both young and old athletes. For instance, it takes a toll on their cognitive abilities and leads to the diminishing of their physiological functions. More often than not, these can lead to chronic diseases and disorders.
This infographic takes a close look at Anabolic steroid abuse in high school and college athletes and addresses the basic facts, statistics, methods of steroid abuse, side-effects and the consequences of the same.
Anabolic steroid abuse in high school and college athletes
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