Anatomy of a Running Shoe

This infographic was created to illustrate, in a clean and visual way, all the different elements that make a running shoe, with an explanation of the meaning and the purposes of the various terms.

While a running shoe seems a simple enough object, different elements can make a huge change in the style of the shoes and its functionality. Things such as midsole materials, shape of the last, heel to toe drop… all these terms are unknown to the majority of people, but make a big difference when choosing running shoes.

Our team of testers runs and reviews more than 100 pairs of shoes every year, for thousands of miles combined. Read this infographic for stealing some of this expertise and to be able to make conscious choices when reading a review or shopping for your next pair of running shoes.

The infographic starts by explaining the two fundamental parts of a running shoe: the upper and the sole unit.

Anatomy of a Running Shoe
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