Anatomy of the World’s Most Expensive Bride

Weddings are not exactly a cheap affair. In fact, the cost of weddings seems to be skyrocketing, with brides spending an average of $1,357 on the dress alone. While that is a lot of money for most people, have you ever wondered how much the world’s richest spend on their weddings?
Could you imagine spending several millions on a wedding dress? How about millions on your wedding cake? Well, some lucky people have had enough money to do just that. Celebrities, royalty and the millionaires of the world have spent several millions to make sure their weddings impress.
From spending $300,000 on transport for the day, to paying an eye-watering $3 million for wedding shoes, see how much the richest people in the world have spent on celebrating their big day. You would be surprised to learn just how expensive some weddings can be! Think about that the next time you see a celebrity getting married.

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