Apple Music vs Spotify

In the wake of Apple’s Arcade release and the death of iTunes, app subscriptions are a hot topic. Music streaming is probably one of the most vibrant in the domain. In most cases, Apple Music is the extension of other Apple devices, so it’s naturally used by many iPhone and Mac users.

Does it outperform the competitors, though? In this infographic, we take a look at the key pros and cons of Spotify and Apple Music. A battle you’ll want to witness if you’re using music streaming services.

But let’s make some introductions first.

Spotify is a pioneer of audio streaming that was born in Sweden in 2006. Basically, it’s the first major platform that curated tens of millions of songs, putting them into a smart subscription plan. In April 2019, Spotify reached 100 million paid users on Premium plan, which is twice as many as Apple Music.

Apple Music is an audio and video streaming king in the Apple ecosystem. The service was launched in 2015 as a part of iTunes and separate Apple Music app. In 2019, with the release of Catalina macOS, Apple announced it’s going to break iTunes into dedicated applications, Apple Music being one of them. As of April 2019, Apple Music has around 56 million paid users worldwide.

If you compare the functionality and pricing, Spotify and Apple Music are pretty similar, with some slight differences in terms of playlist sharing and discovery flows. Both services will cost you $9.99 per month with Individual plan and &14.99 per month with Family plan. Recently, Spotify has announced its partnership with Hulu, so it comes as a free addition to your plan if you subscribe.

Before you make your choice of a streaming provider, go ahead and try each version for free. For more details on how Apple Music and Spotify create and deliver value, check the infographic below:

Apple Music vs Spotify
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  1. Great plot! But there are something. First, it’s the Spotify offer Hulu Basic for free, not Apple Music. Second, the Apple Music is available in China, though the Spotify is unavailable.

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