Archery for Beginners: How To Get Started

Learn how to get started today with archery either as a hobby for target shooting or for bow hunting. But before ordering any old bow and arrow and heading to your local archery range, take some time to learn about both recurve bows (typically used for target shooting) and compound bows (typically used for bowhunting).
Which option is right for you? Learning about measurements such as draw length (the distance to which you can comfortably pull back the bow string) and draw weight (a measurement, in pounds, of how difficult it is to pull the drawstring back) is also very important.
Utilizing the correct arrows also plays a role; Aluminum, wood, or carbon? Finally take time to learn about the different parts of a bow such as the riser, limbs, and bow string. Don’t be overwhelmed we have compiled all of this in a simple easy to read package
Take a look at the infographic to get started on your new hobby today!
Archery for Beginners
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