Architecture in Sydney

This infographic, courtesy of Upside, provides an exploration into the popular landmarks of Sydney, Australia. The timeline takes you on a journey into the past, revisiting the old architectural histories as well as highlighting the modern buildings of the 21st century.

Some iconic sites such as the Sydney Tower and the Sydney Opera House are just a few on this list. Read into each building’s architectural history, its inspirations and where the future of Sydney’s architecture is heading.

The most recent addition to unique buildings in Sydney is the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, which houses the University of Technology’s business school. Shaped like a “tree-house”, it surely is a building to visit when strolling through Sydney’s city. So whether you prefer old-world charm or cutting-edge modernity, it is certain that you will find something to your tastes. Embark on an exploration through Sydney’s beautiful city to visit these sites that made up Sydney’s history.


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