Are Vaporizers Now a Fashion Accessory?

For the longest time, smoking has been utilized by the media as a symbol of desirability, fashion, and edginess. Many films and shows feature scenes where a beautiful woman is smoking a cigarette or influential men smoking cigars. Not only in movies, but the case is also similar in magazines and even advertisements. Smoking was previously seen as a positive habit. But years have passed and vaping is the current big deal.
What has changed?
Nowadays, there is little smoking on-screen and for an understandable reasons. After research on the impacts of smoking, it’s been proven that smoking is harmful and has considerable health risks with every puff. This has led to the majority of smokers quitting or in an attempt to stop the habit. Ad companies have also restricted the broadcasting of smoking on small and big screens in the majority of cases.
What Are the Alternatives and How’s the Experience?
Various alternatives to smoking have been included in the past. These alternatives include nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and recently, electronic cigarettes. In this age, it is easy to spot an individual vaping since the trend is gaining more acceptance.
Unlike the other alternatives, electronic cigarettes are a favourite for many cigarette smokers because they can replicate the act of smoking. Another reason is that the gadgets come in a wide range of design and functionality, so it’s easy for a smoker to consider e-cigs.
Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Popular?
Vapers also have the choice of selecting different flavours, nicotine levels, vapour quantity, and even design when it comes to e-cigarettes and e-liquids. The abundance of options is what makes it easy for smokers to try out this smoking alternative.Vaping has managed to build a culture of its own in a short time. Many people are more comfortable vaping in public than they’d be smoking a traditional cigarette.
From marijuana to tobacco, smokers are quickly adapting to vaping because it keeps everything neat and decent. Over a time-lapse of a decade, the vaping industry and community has grown vastly, and so has its economy. There are stores dedicated to electronic cigarettes that stock various brands and flavours of e-liquids. Online, you can find sites like that are also stocked with a wide range of vaping products.
Another major reason many are choosing e-cigs is because of the negative health impacts caused by regular smoking. Conducted studies show that there are fewer health risks when vaping compared to smoking. This Means that vapes will have an easy time fitting into the fashion market that cigarettes had controlled.
Because of the firm restrictions on cigarette smoking, it is no longer a habit that’s freely accessible. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, are free to use in the majority of public places and are much more affordable. Strict regulations and affordability have kept the vaping market growing in popularity.
It’s a Competitive Activity
Yes, vaping enthusiasts practice vape tricks and compete amongst themselves. This sport is common among the younger generation who try to win by performing the most unique vape tricks. You can easily find YouTube tutorials on how to perform these vape tricks. You’ll be amazed to find out how many people spend hours trying to perfect these tricks so that they can also record themselves and post online for the vaping community to see. The competitive nature of the habit has made vaping more popular than smoking ever was in the fashion industry.
In conclusion, we’re currently witnessing vaping appear on both the small and big screens (movies, music videos, etc.), and this is a trend that is only set to continue. Ultimately, e-cigs have not only overthrown smoking in the fashion market, but the habit has made a name for itself and is certainly a trend to watch for in the future.

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