Art as a Marketing Strategy for Hotels

To standout in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry, a hotel must come up with an out of the box strategy that can keep their clientele satisfied and engaged. Over the past few decades, many hotel owners and developers have been using different approaches to have a creative edge over their competitors – one of such is placing new and fascinating artworks within their premises.
Aside from filling empty corners of the hotel, refreshing art pieces can help build a hotel’s identity, create different themes for different amenities, and ultimately aesthetically please the guests. Utilizing artwork is not only benefits the hotel, but also a significant portion of tourists as well. For people have a very little to no time to take in the sights of the new place or enjoy the cultural and artistic benefits of going to a museum, an art-centric hotel is their best alternative.
To learn more how art works as a marketing strategy in the hotel industry, check out the infographic below from Accent Art and Frame.

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