Asbestos Landfill/Asbestos Disposal Areas in Victoria

A disturbed asbestos material can release fibers into the air, which can be hazardous when inhaled. Asbestos products that are incorrectly handled, transported, and disposed pose the highest risk of causing asbestos-related diseases.
The risk of asbestos exposure should be minimized hence, it is recommended for the householders to ask help from the licenced removal contractors to ensure the safety throughout the process of getting rid of highly toxic asbestos materials. The practice of disposing asbestos wastes safely should be applied whenever a removal work is done. It is important to always contact a facility or local council to know which type of asbestos are accepted in the facility, and if there should be certain requirements before the delivery of waste to the disposal area.
In Victoria, there are certain asbestos landfills that are licenced by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) to receive the toxic wastes. To guide you about asbestos disposal areas in Victoria, here’s a useful infographic.Asbestos Disposal
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