Asia’s mobile and broadband internet speeds

Latest infographic about Asia’s mobile and broadband internet speeds
There is always this question, what’s your internet speed. Many internet service providers are giving different mobile and broadband data plans. But it does not depend on which data plan you are using or which provider is giving you the connection. It all depends on which region or country are you living.
The below visual data shows the latest speeds for Asian countries. Countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore are leading in broadband space, while it is different in the cellular space. But the picture is different in mobile data speeds; countries like China, Taiwan are ahead in this space. Asian countries are far ahead in broadband speeds. But still there is a huge gap between Asian countries, for example Singapore has an average broadband speed of 118.8 Mbps, on the other hand Philippines has a mere speed of 3.6 Mbps.
It is a similar story in the mobile space. China is ahead with an average speed of 27.6 Mbps, while Vietnam has a simple 1.9 Mbps. It’s like people of Vietnam cannot watch YouTube videos.
Here is the full infographic from yahoo:
Internet Speeds in India, Asia

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