Why Should Choose ASP.NET Web Application Development?

Developers usually argue that why they should use Open Source or Microsoft.NET platforms. Its an interesting discussion to listen and their primary difference was the second one is a licensed software. However, Its not a licensed software now. But the catch is, if you want to host a .NET application and use it in full swing, you will have to get Windows Server edition for a FEE.
We would need an IIS, Sql Server and Other scheduler engines, which are offered by Microsoft Windows edition. Every technology has its own advantages and disadvantages and It is mainly based on the developer skill set. Here are the few benefits of developing your web application with ASP.NET platform.
Microsoft platform offers additional security, easy to configure and you should be able to control your Firewall and Installation. Recent development packages such as AngularJS, NodeJS and Bootstrap can be easily integrated. It offers a great user experience to customers as Open source JavaScript reduces client application weightage and keep it as lightweight components.
Have you done any work in integrating AngularJS with Microsoft.NET platform? Please share your thoughts and happy to discuss further.
ASP.NET Web Application Development
Source: https://www.w2ssolutions.com/blog/why-should-choose-asp-dot-not-web-application-development/

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