Down But Not Out: 6 Athletes Who Weren’t Deterred By Injuries

There comes a situation in everybody’s life when they injure their hands due to one or another reasons. Well, the probability doubles when you are on field and playing. Hand injuries are chronic and can limit or nearly suspend the motion of hand if they are not attended on time. Bone fractures, jersey finger, sprains and De Quervain’s Syndrome are some of the most common injuries that occur on fields. Below infographic gives a glimpse of some of the athletes who didn’t let injuries ruin their career. They fought injuries with the same zeal and enthusiasm as they do on field and emerged victorious. There are some exercises that can help you to recover from an injury. These exercises help you to regain the lost motion of the hand by releasing the pressure on the stressed joints. Have a look at the infographic to learn more about these exercises and bounce back to life.Athletes Injuries

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