Australia’s Favourite Furniture Styles

At Brosa, we love furniture and we understand how hard it can be to choose from all of the furniture choices out there: modern, mid-century, Scandinavian, industrial…the list goes on. The near-limitless options can make it tricky to choose a furniture style so we put it to a vote.

We ran a country-wide Furniture Style Survey to find out what the most popular styles are. More than 3,700 respondents helped us pinpoint our nation’s favourites and uncovered some really interesting interior décor trends.

The infographic illustrates the top 3 styles by state and other interesting facts that make it a must-read for anyone interested in renovation, furniture or interior design trends. It’s ideal for those moving house or keen to upgrade their furniture with the latest, trendiest pieces possible. Check out the full results here.

Australia’s Favourite Furniture Styles
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