Bathroom Trends for 2018

Boring neutral colors are out, playful patterns and hues are in. This is just one of the trends that are expected to arise in bathroom remodeling landscape in 2018. In the past couple of years, we have seen several design trends which inspired many to make significant improvements in their bathroom, such as implementing a minimalistic design to make their space more modern and sophisticated.
However, while minimalistic design can bring a classic look and probably may never get out of style, we can expect that more bathroom remodelers will take a 180-degree turn in their design approach to adding more character to space. Think pop wallpaper, statement furniture and fixtures, and graphic tile patterns that will surely turn a plain room into a place of relaxation and comfort.
Whether it is a major or minor bathroom upgrade, this infographic from Luxury Commercial Bath will surely help you decide which style and fixture trends will surely spice up your bathroom in 2018.
Bathroom Trends for 2018

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