The Beauty Habits of New Yorkers

The Salons in New York set the trend for most of the western world, what happens in New York quickly finds its way across the world. We asked several salon and spa owners and managers to talk their customers and share their findings with us. For instance, did you know that 25% of New York women aged between 45 and 54 visited a salon more than 7 times a year? The same demographic are often the biggest spenders, with many of them willing to fork out over $151 dollars to get their look just right.
Our survey did not just ask about how much they were willing to spend per visit, we also asked about how salon customers like to chat with their stylist, and even what kind of facial hair they like on a man. One of the most surprising statistics came forward when we asked if women cut their hair after a breakup, while the majority of women in all age brackets said no, 5% of women aged between 35-54 (‎9% under 34) had never had a breakup.
Beauty Habits of New Yorkers

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