Beekeeping and Honey Labeling 101

Beekeeping and Honey Labeling 101 is a useful new resource for those interested in taking up beekeeping, but also for honey consumers who care to learn about the status of honeybees and honey in the world today, different labels on honey jars and what they mean. It also shows interesting stats about the number of bee colonies in the US, which is the fifth largest producer of honey in the world.

The second part of the infographic features helpful tips for preventing colony collapse disorder, a widespread problem in bee colonies today due to the frequent use of pesticides, wrong bee nutrition, parasites, viruses, mites, poor bee colony management etc.

Further, it provides explanation of the differences between raw and pasteurized honey, reasons why it’s not so helpful to know that the honey is “natural”, why many honey manufacturers filter their product, and why it could be a good idea to go for unfiltered honey.

Honey Labeling
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