Beginner’s Guide to the SharePoint Scheduling App

The SharePoint scheduling app is basically an online calendar that can be accessed in the form of an app. SharePoint is a collaborative website designed by Microsoft for business. It has several apps and capabilities to help teams schedule tasks and collaborate in real time.

To enjoy the SharePoint scheduling app, you need to know how to create a SharePoint calendar, share it with team members and then start scheduling tasks and events.

If you are new to this solution, this guide will help you understand more about the SharePoint scheduling app, how to integrate one into your business and its benefits as well as the best alternatives.

What Is a SharePoint Scheduling App?

As mentioned, a SharePoint scheduling app is a digital solution accessed through a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to enable teams to schedule tasks and events through an online calendar.

Microsoft continues to support businesses through affordable modern digital solutions. The SharePoint scheduling app is available for mobile users to enable mobile access while on the go.

If you travel a lot, you can still manage your teams, schedule tasks and events, see real-time updates, and edit the calendar as well. With the app, every other team member can also access it remotely.


How to Access and Use the SharePoint Scheduling App

The first step is to access the calendar on SharePoint by logging in to your account. From the app interface, you will see an option to create a new calendar. Then, fill in all the necessary fields including the name of the calendar.

The other important step is sharing the calendar with team members by entering their email addresses. Everyone will immediately see the events and tasks scheduled in the calendar and edit or take other actions as permitted by the creator of the calendar.

Now that you know how to create a SharePoint calendar through a SharePoint scheduling app, you also need to know all the benefits of using this solution in a team.

Benefits of the SharePoint Scheduling App

Have you ever wondered why teams in ecommerce and other business setups prefer to use a SharePoint scheduling app? It is effective and has numerous benefits as we will discuss below. In fact, many users claim to enjoy even more benefits than we will discuss.

Saves time

A calendar on SharePoint saves time in many ways; these include the fast entry of bookings, schedules, tasks, and other activities and the ability to view all activities in real time across all members and quickly edit schedules.

Team members who use the SharePoint scheduling app hardly waste any time sending emails with updates or making inquiries on various issues. As mentioned, an app that is accessed on the web is even better because people can easily collaborate on the go and save a lot of time.

Enables virtual meetings and collaboration

With calendar for SharePoint, the entire team can easily meet virtually and discuss the events booked on the online calendar. In fact, virtual meetings are one of the capabilities of the scheduling app on SharePoint, and it is crucial that every team takes advantage of this.

Real-time collaboration through the calendar for SharePoint is one of the major reasons why it is very popular today. As soon as a calendar is created and shared among the members, every event or task that is scheduled will be visible to everyone.

Furthermore, all the alterations and changes to the calendar events will be visible to the team members, making it very easy to collaborate. Depending on the permission, any team member can edit this form, and the rest will see the additions in the calendar on SharePoint.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the SharePoint scheduling app has a chat option, which is also effective in collaboration, meetings, and communication. Any team member can ask questions, make comments, and communicate with others through the chat option.

Increases efficiency

Do you wish you could have a more efficient ecommerce team? Well, you can take advantage of the SharePoint scheduling app. This ability enables every team member to see their scheduled tasks, meetings, and other activities. It also tracks the progress of tasks and reminds users of the deadlines.

With this, every team member will work towards achieving the goals of the company, hence increasing efficiency and productivity. There is no need to worry about missed tasks, late deliveries, or failure to meet when you embrace the SharePoint calendar app.

Improves flexibility

The SharePoint scheduling app can be used internally by the team, and the benefits are as discussed above. However, some ecommerce businesses and other organizations share the calendar for SharePoint externally with their clients as well.

This gives the company a lot of flexibility because teams can collaborate with clients on how they want their tasks handled and completed. It is easy to collaborate with clients through a SharePoint scheduling app, especially through a meeting capability or chatbots.

Enables customization

Fortunately, the SharePoint scheduling app is highly customizable to fit the needs of the team and other members it is shared with. The person creating the calendar has several options to customize the calendar such as daily, monthly, and quarterly views and the use of color codes to denote the different events and issuing different permissions to the users.

Each of the customization options has a benefit, which is why the users should take their time to prepare easy-to-use calendars that are visually attractive. With a good understanding of how calendar on SharePoint works, you will have an easy time customizing your calendars.

Other Things to Know About the SharePoint Scheduling App

As mentioned, the SharePoint scheduling app is just an online calendar used by users of SharePoint. It is worth noting that it can be integrated with the Outlook calendar so that Outlook users can access the calendar without having to log in to SharePoint and vice versa.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the SharePoint scheduling app as a web part on various ecommerce solution platforms. In fact, many people prefer to use the calendar as a web part because it may have added features.

Regardless of how you want to use the scheduling app, you will enjoy all the benefits we have just discussed. Therefore, ensure you do not miss out on applying this solution in your business.

Final Thoughts

It is important to understand how the SharePoint scheduling app works and why you should have it in your business. This article has just shared a lot of insights, and it is time to give the app a try.

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