Beginner’s Guide to Float Fishing

As one of the most popular methods of angling, getting float fishing right is crucial for any budding fishing fan. For fish that prefer bait in the current, or mid water, a float is your best bet to snare your catch.

However, one of the biggest challenges in float fishing is just making the right tackle choice. With a large variety of floats and tackle, the real question is where do you start? Fear not!

Over on Fishtec’s blog, angling writer Dom Garnett is here to steer you in the right direction as he shares the joy that comes from successful float fishing.

From float types, to rigs and down to the finer float fishing points, you’ll step away feeling confident in your angling abilities.

And remember the famous Sheringham quote that the float is “”pleasing in appearance, and even more pleasing in disappearance””.

Read on! And check out Fishtec’s other amazing infographics. Available exclusively on the Fishtec blog and website.

Beginner's Guide to Float Fishing

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