Beginner’s Guide to WordPress SEO – Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Started!

When it comes to SEO and WordPress, many beginners find it too technical and they fail to understand from where to start. Veterans in the SEO industry say that it is not so hard for you to start. You just need to be aware of the simple SEO tips for you to get started. Once you get a solid understanding of these simple SEO tips optimizing your WordPress website will be very easy!

First, check the online visibility of your WordPress website

It is crucial for you to check on the online visibility of your WordPress website before you start to optimize it. Before your WordPress website goes public, it is essential for you to check the online visibility settings of your site. This can be done in the admin section. You should check the “settings” of your website and enable “search engine visibility.” Once you have enabled this option, the next step for you is to save the settings.
The next step you should check is the URL. It is vital for you to use URLs that are SEO friendly. These URLs will explain the page content and also help search engines and humans to read them better. The key point here is that the reader and search engines should understand the context of the page merely by looking at your page URL. You can check the URLs of your WordPress site by visiting settings and checking the Permalinks option. You can choose the post name and make the desired changes before saving. However, if you have a website that has been operating online for over six months, do not change the structure of the permalink. If you suddenly change the permalink, you risk losing the SEO ranking and the social shares that your website already has accumulated.
Using a WordPress SEO plugin is a wise option for beginners. The best part of SEO plugins is that you do not have to get separate plugins for everything. The two most widely used SEO plugins are Yoast and All-in-One SEO Pack. Both of them are highly effective and you can read up on the pros and cons of both of them before you incorporate one into your website. Both these plugins are simple for you to install and there are online guides to help you with the installation in case you need assistance.

Hire credible search engine optimization professionals for your WordPress site

Credible SEO Company SandCrestSEO experts say that that you should hire experienced SEO professionals in case you need help for the preliminary search engine optimization needs for your website. Many business owners believe that search engine optimization is a subject that they can master however this is not true. When it comes to search engine optimization, it is imperative for you to ensure that you have experienced professionals that are working on the job. The search engine optimization practices that you embrace must be legal and in case you embrace the wrong techniques. Experts say that when you are using a WordPress website, it is important for you to use an XML Sitemap. This is a special file that is formatted in such a way that it helps you to list every single page on your website. The moment you add an XML sitemap to your WordPress website, you effectively can boost the ranks of your search engines without hassles at all.

Google Search Console and its benefits

When you are looking for better search engine ranks, it is vital for you to add your WordPress website to Google Search Console. This is a perfect tool for webmasters as it gives them an insight into how their website is performing and how the site is being looked at by search engines. If you are a business owner, it is prudent for you to add your WordPress website to this Google Search Console so that you can get data and reports that display how your web pages are performing on Google. With this vital information, you effectively can make the desired changes to your website and generate better search engine ranks on Google and enhanced visibility. Moreover, Google Console also sends to you alerts when there is some issue with your site like search engine crawlers are unable to access your website or your website might have traces of duplicate content. All these alerts will also keep you informed and aware of how your site is performing.
When it comes to search engine optimization and WordPress, it is imperative for you to keep the above tips in mind. As mentioned earlier, you should not attempt to carry out the search engine optimization campaigns on your own. You should also optimize your blog posts well so that you receive targeted traffic and the web visibility of your WordPress website increases and ranks high on Google Page Ranks.

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