Being a Filipino: 21 Things Only Filipinos Would Understand

If you can eat without spoon and fork during a meal, wrecks havoc when there’s no rice, and can’t enjoy party without karaoke, you’re definitely a Filipino.
There are just many things that make Filipinos distinct from the rest of the human race. Identified as Asians but live a life more similar to Westerners. Filipinos are often associated with the English-speaking world but there lies a great rift of differences in-between. Wherever and no matter what happen, Filipinos remain as they are: happy people, who hate being alone and loves singing and eating lechon. Despite the many foreign influences, there remains a strong and distinct strand of being a Filipino in the entangled culture of our own.
The whole world has known Filipinos for many good traits and sets of quirky things. And it is fun to look for such minute details that sets this mighty race apart from the rest of the world. This infographic from M2.0 Communications presents to you 21 unique things only Filipinos can relate to.

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