Benefits of Cloud Computing

A UK based IT support solution company, TSG has designed a comprehensive infographic which discusses the benefits of cloud computing and why you should also implement it in your business. According to infographic, a recent Forbes research tells us that 90% of worldwide mobile traffic will be from cloud applications by 2019. Another report by Aberdeen group indicates that 64% of CIO’s think cloud computing will have an impact on businesses in the future.
There are three types of cloud solutions to choose from; Private, Hybrid and Public with each having its own advantages. The infographic describes that businesses employing cloud technology have experienced easier application management, greater flexibility, lower cost and higher security. Moreover, it proved to be time effective.
Talking about other benefits, the businesses which adopted cloud technology for ERP solutions have become 1.9 times more profitable than those without it. Even the downtime period is 28 times lesser with cloud implementation.
Cloud computing is definitely the future for businesses. It allows easy adaptation of the latest technologies to be more successful. Go through the full infographic to know more.
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