Will The Benefits of Telemedicine Be Able To Tackle Healthcare Delivery Challenges?

The healthcare industry has witnessed lot of innovation and disruption in recent years. Telemedicine can be termed as one such disruption. Largely evolved during the previous decade, telemedicine refers to usage of telecommunication technologies to provide healthcare and medical services from a distance. The concept is maturing day by day and is becoming an integral part of the healthcare delivery network.
The benefits of telemedicine are numerous and can help tackle lot of challenges facing the healthcare industry in coming times. A retiring boomer population with increased healthcare needs and an already pressurized healthcare delivery network coupled with impending shortage of qualified doctors and nurses; make telemedicine a promising alternative.
While telemedicine can never replace hospitals and emergency rooms, it can ensure that the pressure on the healthcare network is reduced by providing timely access to medical advice and cutting down unnecessary visits to health centers, thus taking off some burden from an already pressurized healthcare system.Benefits of Telemedicine
Infographic Source : http://kaysharbor.com/blog/healthcare/benefits-of-telemedicine-in-healthcare-delivery

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