Benefits of Train Travel

Did you know the average motorist spends 3 years of their life driving? What a waste of your time just getting from A to B! East Midlands Trains have created this handy infographic which demonstrates just what you could get up to with that time if you travelled by train instead.
For example, on the typical 30 minute commute you could…. post 2 new listings on eBay, catch up with your emails, take a nap, write a blog post, complete 3 online language lessons, listen to a podcast, or even use the time to meditate and ensure you arrive at your destination fully relaxed.
With people travelling by train on average 104 miles more per year, it’s a mode of transport that’s becoming more and more popular. Why not take a look at this infographic as inspiration to get creative with your train time, and really make the most of it.

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