Best Beaches Outside of Waikiki

When you think of a tropical paradise vacation, one of the first places that come into mind for most of
us is the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Its clear blue waters, majestic cliffs, top surfing spots, hiking places
with varying difficulties and perfect views, and great food are raved all around the world by enthusiastic
travelers to casual vacationers.
Falling in love with Hawaii is inevitable – whether you’re a thrillseaker with a thirst for adventure and
adrenaline, or a laidback vacationer with a penchant for salty waters, fine sand, and bright, sunny days.
It’s a top go-to place for its beaches of fine sand and pristine waters, and one of its most famous spots is
the Waikiki Beach near the capital Honolulu. It’s easily one of the most common recommendations for
anyone wanting to try the Hawaiian experience, but it’s not the only beach that Hawaii can offer its
many tourists.
Here are some of the best alternate beaches that you can go to outside of Waikiki Beach, as seen in this
infographic by Go Hawaii Tours:

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