Best Celebrity Insight on Business

Celebrities play a big role in our society, providing us with juicy drama and clothing inspiration while acting as role models who many look to for guidance.  But have many looked to celebrities for business advice?  It may seem crazy, especially because of the crazy stories we read about celebrities in magazines, but is this such an out-of-the-box idea?  After all, these celebrities do account for some of the top salaries in the nation – why shouldn’t we take their financial advice into account?  Whether you’re starting a small business, trying to find a different career path, or are just looking to see how these people “made it to the top,” celebrities possess a lot of insight that can serve as a healthy dose of inspiration for us all.  While they are more unlikely sources of business advice, their words of wisdom may just put you into the right mindset to get yourself financially on track.  Our list of celebrities range from typical tech gurus such as Steve Jobs to surprisingly intuitive celebrities such as Kim Kardashian!  Regardless of your attitude towards these celebrities, you have to appreciate the great advice given in this infographic that is brought to you by Shield Funding


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