The best executive cars to Buy in the UK in 2017 (Part 2 of 2)

The executive-car class used to be known by top-end versions of mainstream models. Four-door saloons from big names such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes with leather seats and all the equipment you could think of – were the establishment for decades. Not anymore as things have changed and people have started to look in other directions.

Regardless of the badge on the bonnet, an executive car needs to have the edge over a conventional saloon. They still need to be as practical and as reliable as an everyday equivalent, but typically, sharper-than-average styling, a plush cabin and plenty of equipment are musts for any car to compete in the executive class.

These cars are all practical and economical enough to use as daily drivers, but they’re also great looking, well equipped and good to drive. Each has a choice of engines ranging from the economical to the powerful, but most importantly, every car on our list is special enough to make you look twice.

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