Best Fabrics Used For Manufacturing Top Notch Sofa Covers

You love to decorate the interior of your home and living space seems to be the most promising place of your entire household. Now, it is really necessary to go through all the available sofas, before you can get one in hand. Sofas are expensive, if you get to buy a long sprawling one to cover one portion entirely of your living room space.

So, you don’t want unwanted stains to cover the sofas and degrade its beauty. That’s why you need the finest sofa covers in town. These covers will not just protect your sofa but will further make it look desirable and beautiful at the same time.

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The slip resistant covers for you:

There are so many types of sofa covers available and the slip resistant one is a perfect addition to consider. It is made out of super soft micro-suede fabric, which will protect the covers from dust, wrinkles, dirt, food particles, fur and even similar other unwanted foreign particles.

  • Such covers are mostly available in 7 different colors, which are associated with reversible combinations. Even installing and removing the cover seems to be a pretty easy task to consider.
  • There are primarily 2 inches of thick straps available along with the non-slip PVC at the underside of it. The slip cover can prove to be machine washable and line dried at the same time.
  • Such slip resistant covers are perfect for not just leather sofas, but for the fabric sofas too. With leather sofas having a much smoother surface, you might have to focus on some additional adjustments.

There’s no need to treat such covers with cleaners or conditioners as the items are already pre-treated. It is vital to check out with the retailer and manufacturer of the covers before using it.

Cotton based fabric slipcovers for sofas:

One great choice of material, when it comes to sofa and chair slipcover, has to be cotton. It is a natural fabric, light in weight and known to be machine washable. The cotton slipcovers are soft to touch and will provide that casual feel to room.

  • People love cotton because of its breathable techniques and it is proven to be quite durable in nature.
  • Cotton is known for its thin fabric. So, while stretching it out over old sofa, you have to be very careful to not ripe off the item.
  • Moreover, if you have dark colored sofa, then choosing a light colored cotton slipcover won’t work, as the dark color will seep through.

Trying out the velvet ones:

Another sophisticated cover fabric for your sofa is the velvet one. It has a shiny glaze to it and can withstand a lot of wear for couple of years. These are versatile fabrics, which are mostly available in various colors, known to be cozy and inviting at the same time.

Even the flame-resistant feature can make up for its popularity quotient a lot more.

Don’t forget to go through all the available options, before the final say. It depends on your choice, the amount you want to spend for the products and your style.

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