Best Family Costumes for Christmas 2018

It’s that time of the year again and Christmas is coming. If your family wants to spend this Christmas differently, why not consider dressing up? It’s quite fun for the kids and adults alike, plus you can take some nice pictures for the family photo album (or Instagram).

Since Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year (if not THE busiest) we understand that you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to create your own costumes – so we did some digging and selected the most interesting choices for you and your family. Feel free to pick your favorite Christmas fancy dress.

1. Santa Claus Costume
Santa Claus CostumeSanta Claus is coming to town.

Who doesn’t love the old, good Santa? Go for a stylish and authentic Santa look. It may not be the most creative look, but your kids will love it.

2. Miss Santa Costume
miss-santa-girls-tutu-costumeWho said Santa has to be a man? Let’s switch roles this year. After all – who doesn’t love giving presents.

3. Elf Costumes
Elf Costumes

Santa wouldn’t do anything without his little helpers – elves. There are plenty of different elf costumes to choose from on the market for both adults and children. If your partner is dressing as Santa – this is a great choice for you.

4. Christmas Tree DressChristmas Tree Dress

Colourful, festive and fun! Christmas tree dresses look very warm and cosy, but most important – they’re not another cliche Santa Claus dress! For those more interested in a original look.

5. Christmas Tree Costume for Men

Christmas Tree Costume for Men

Be a walking, talking Christmas tree. Usually not as stylish as a Christmas Tree Dress – it definitely has a funny look to it and it’s perfect if you want to look fun.

6. Kids Snowman Costumes

Kids Snowman Costumes

All kids love to build snowmen (if we ever get snow) so why not dress as one? It’s a fun idea and you can make it more interesting and funny by getting one of the “Snowman Carry me” types of costumes that will look hilarious on pictures.

7. Snow Queen Costume
Snow Queen CostumeGirls just love the Snow Queen look. Even better – ever since Frozen became popular – little girls just love Elsa and her beautiful, blue dress. It’s not all that Christmas-y, but it has a winter touch to it.

8. Christmas HatsChristmas Hats

Feeling less festive, but still want to look apart? There are some brilliant hats you can wear on Christmas like of course, a Santa hat, reindeer antlers or elf hats.

9. Christmas Gift Costume
Christmas Gift CostumeIf the best gift for Christmas is you – dress like one. This funny costume is a great choice for everyone who likes to have a laugh.

10. Christmas Themed ClothesChristmas Themed Clothes

If you don’t want a fancy dress but still want a Christmas look then why not get some Christmas themed clothes? There are plenty of dresses, jumpers and shirts with Christmas decorations all over them. Make your Christmas Jumper Day a pretty one.

11. Adult Christmas CostumesAdult Christmas CostumesAt last, but not least – why not make it spicy when everyone else goes to bed? There is an amazing amount of adult Christmas costumes available to suit all needs.

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