The Best Smartphone Cases to Protect Your Prized iPhone 7

Top of the line smartphones, especially iPhone, can be very expensive and represent a major investment. Even though they are manufactured to be pretty tough, they can end up getting damaged very unexpectedly when we drop them or they land up in the hands of inquisitive children. It is a good idea to try and protect your investment by buying a really tough case that will offer an additional layer of protection against accidental spills and tumbles. A quick look at two of the heavy-duty cases that merit attention:
Otterbox Defender Series Case
Otterbox is generally considered to the manufacturer of some of the best smartphone cases available that offer extremely rugged protection for your iPhone 7. Unlike many other cases that are available, the Defender Series offers a layered construction slip-on case of durable silicone that is surrounded by a really tough polycarbonate shell that can take whatever life throws at them. The slip-on case also comes with a built-in screen protector made from the finest tempered glass to take care of the beautiful Retina Display HD screen that the iPhone 7 is so famous for.
The solid polycarbonate shell, along with silicon slip-on cover, and the integrated screen protector, work together beautifully to offer matchless protection from accidental damage and normal wear and tear of daily life. The rugged case acts to deflect and absorb sudden impact from falls and knocks to keep your device safe. The iPhone 7 armor case also has covers on the ports so that dust and lint cannot clog up the ports and jacks. Otterbox claims to put the cases through 238 hours of testing across 24 different tests that are guaranteed to ensure all-round protection.
Spigen TPU Flexible Rugged Armor Case for iPhone 7
Spigen is one of the most famous names in phone protection and this TPU flexible rugged armor case does good justice to its reputation. Manufactured out of durable metal, the tough yet lightweight phone case delivers the sort of protection required to keep your precious iPhone 7 in a pristine condition. The case is manufactured from high-grade materials that enable it to deliver the best possible protection even when maintaining a sleek and slim look. The layer of toughened metal acts as a barrier to everyday shocks, falls, bumps, as well as scratches that every phone experiences in demanding work environments and equally challenging leisure activities despite the best of care. According to the manufacturer, the case features air cushion technology that acts to absorb the shock well.
The case has premium looks with a glossy carbon fiber texture and looks very stylish with a window that allows you to show off the iconic Apple logo. The precision engineering ensures an exact fit while the flexible TPU layer resists fingerprint smudges.
There is a very large choice of armored cases for the iPhone 7, however, when making your selection, you should establish that the construction is rugged enough to protect even the buttons and the screen without making it difficult to grip, and operate.
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