Best States to Live in the US in 2020

The process of finding the best state to live in the U.S. should start with a definition of crucial factors, that can accurately present our vision of a good quality of life. Defining these factors or key metrics depends on personal preferences and needs, and can vary and change with age, education, marital status or financial capabilities.
For the year 2019, the best overall score and the highest performing states were Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire.
Virginia has a good population density, with 11 major areas, a healthy economy based on farming, agriculture, and local businesses, growing average value of the home property, 12th lowest criminal activity, and high unemployment rate.
Massachusetts is the right place to go for a comfortable household income, excellent clinical care, a highly ranked school system, and a liberal tax policy. The home values have increased by over 4% in 2019 and will continue to rise in 2020 for another 2.9%.
New Hampshire is the fifth smallest state with low population density, the economy runs on medical and financial institutions, continuously rising property value, high educational rate with several centers for tertiary education.
Best States to Live in the US in 2020
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