Backlinks in 2021 – Best Strategies for Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the top Google ranking factors which are unlikely to change anytime soon. Many business owners and marketers are left wondering how to get backlinks on their website. Links from one website to another are taken as votes of trust, confidence, and authority.

The increase in authority can result in a higher ranking SERP, and it will grant your website more organic traffic and more visibility. According to Google, not all the links are viewed; equally, the wrong type of links can harm your website rather than help your website rank.

It is very important that backlinks should –

  • be earned editorially.
  • come from authoritative and topically relevant websites.
  • not be paid for.

The right set of backlinks can help you change your Search engine optimisation strategies, and there are several ways by which you can earn amazing backlinks.

Here are some of the ways and strategies by which you can earn backlinks for your website –

Backlinks 2021
Resource link building

While thinking about getting good backlinks, many people start with complicated and big tactics. However, the most effective way of building backlinks is a resource link building. To successfully use this strategy, you need to identify how and where your business can add value to the users. After doing this, one needs to create a good source page that can help you to earn backlinks from the relevant authority,
Some of the most common examples where resource page exist include –

  • Tourism and travel boards
  • Local governments
  • Universities

You can also find these opportunities by analyzing your competitor’s link profiles and looking at which websites link to them but not with you by using SEM Rush, a backlink analytics tool. With this tool’s help, you can easily identify resources linked to your competitors’ websites. This process can help you work on a strategy that can attract attention and provide links to your website.

Broken link building

Broken link building is majorly about finding informative web pages with external links to the dead pages. If one can identify these broken links, which point to 404 pages, and presents an alternative piece of content that is good, it can help you build up some useful links. Moreover, it is also important that you have a similar piece of content that was initially linked. A reasonable level of success can be driven with the help of these tactics, as no one will get benefit from linking to a page that has 404 errors. You can also help the webmaster minimize the broken links from your website, and it can also suggest an alternative replacement; therefore, you don’t have to go looking for them.

Unlinked mentions of brands

From mentioning radio stations to references and reviews, it is not uncommon for businesses to check that they have not mentioned across the web. The ideal solution is that these mentions can get linked out of your website, and sometimes they will not get any link, which is known as unlinked brand mentions.

How to find unlinked brand mentions, and how can you turn them into backlinks?

You can find unlinked brand mentions with the help of the SEM rush brand monitoring tool. One needs to set up a tool to monitor to mention your brand, and you will receive them in your inbox as they occur. When it comes to finding the existing unlinked mentions, you need to click on the “no link” box, which is there on the link to the website dropdown, and you can find a list of unlinked brands. You can also reach out to the journalists, webmasters, and bloggers who have mentioned your brand and ask them to add the links. To maximize your chances, you need to showcase the links that add editorial value. You can use these templates based on reaching out.

Suppliers’ links

If you are selling others’ products, you can grab an excellent opportunity to earn a number of authoritative links for your website. Some several manufacturers and suppliers have a stock list and where to buy pages on their sites. There are manufacturers who are pointing the users from where they can buy the products. If you are a seller, you are required to be linked and listed. It is essential to pull together the list of all the suppliers and their sites, and you can work through it one by one to look for the pages in their list.

Listicle link building

A listicle is one of the important components in building the backlinks strategy. When it comes to getting the links to your website, you can use Listicle to get your products in front of the audience; where else earning links can increase your search ranking. You must be aware of Listicle in your business, which can refer to your competitors and do not include you.

You can also use Google search operators, which can help you to identify Listicles in your business, which will round up your competitors, and you can see whether you are included in it or not. To get added to Listicle, you are required to reach out to bloggers and journalists. It would be best to justify why you are better than those already on the list. You will also find writers who will be happy to get updated and add your business if you describe how your product provides value to the users.

Link gap analysis

One of the easiest ways to find out the link building opportunities is to create a link gap, and you can also find the websites which link your competitors, but they do not link you. If a site has linked more than one of your competitors, then there are chances that they will link you.

Digital PR

If you want to have quality backlinks to your site, then you can’t overlook digital PR. Most of the journalists rely on digital PR to find important stories for their cover; if you can be a good brand that can stand out and provide news, it is quite uncommon to earn several link coverage from a single campaign.

This digital PR can help you to get relevant links from several prominent publications. These links can help you to get a position as an expert and can also drive referral traffic. With the help of these backlinks, you need to provide linkable assets.

There are several strategies with the help of which you can get the backlinks to your site. These strategies depend on the link building approach you have taken in the past, the type of industry in which you are operating, and your competitors’ status. Suppose you put together proper backlinks building strategies. In that case, you can easily identify the strategies which are best suited for your site, and you can also plan out how you can earn competitive advantages.

Moreover, it is highly important to remember that a link from 1 good and top blog has more value than from 100 normal blogs. It is also very important that you should not build links too fast to avoid penalties.

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